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The Arrow S Story

Bill & Teddi McKinley, Arrow S owners

Who us? You want to know about Arrow S? Ah shucks, we're blushing! Where to start, where to start ....


We purchased Arrow S in 2017, wait, you want to know who this elusive "we" is? It's our family - Bill Sr. and Teddi McKinley, the patriarch and matriarch of the family, or ma and pa in Arrow S ranch terms; their children Bill Jr, your Arrow S hunting guide; Michelle, the one you will email with and talk to about reserving the Arrow S Montana cabin rental; and Wendy the youngest sister,  a registered nurse - which can come in handy depending on which Montana outdoor activities you choose to participate in during your stay at Arrow S! Not to mention several grandchildren and sidekicks.


Don't worry; this isn't our first rodeo, we have 42 years of successful business experience. Bill and Ted started an excellent adventure, an agricultural business in Conrad, MT way back in the 1900's....1976 to be exact. Bill Jr. and Michelle now own and operate that business. There is also a sports bar/pizza restaurant owned and operated by a few family members. 


We all love the Arrow S ranch. We love being here and we love working here. We hope you will be in awe of it too.


But who cares about that boring stuff? The best part of our story is the end because that is where we meet you!

Wendy Taber, Arrow S
Bill McKinley Jr, Arrow S hunting
Michelle VanDyken, Arrow S Montana Cabin Rental
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